Its Easter time – “The Egg citing weekend is here!”

Now Easter has arrived it can be tempting to over indulge with chocolate and sweet treats.

Here are few tips to help keep your oral health in great condition as you and the little ones tuck into those yummy Easter eggs.

Eat your Easter eggs and sweets in moderation:

Limit your chocolate and sweets to meal times only, the more you consume sweets foods and drinks, the higher the risk of tooth decay.

Drinks lots of water:

A glass of water is the best drink to give you child after eating chocolate.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth!

Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day but make sure you wait at least half an hour after eating sugary foods, like Easter eggs before brushing your teeth.

This is because sugary foods soften the enamel and if brushed Immediately, there is a danger that you will erode it.

And finally……




Dental Anxiety – The Reality

Fear: noun: an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm
At Trinity Dental we understand that many patients are nervous about visiting the dentist. This does not have to be case. As a clinic our aim is to make sure every patient has the best experience and feels comfortable from the moment they enter the clinic to time they leave. Our dedicated team offer the best support and welcome everyone with a warm smile.

Horror stories and old wives tales are a thing of the past with all the latest technology and techniques there is no string tying to extract teeth or a shot of whiskey for the anaesthetic we make sure all procedures and discussed and are carried out thoroughly talking you through every stage.

We ensure a pain and stress free environment in the surgery, with our sonos system we can even play your favourite Justin Bieber or AC/DC track to ease any nerves.

A phobia of needles??

We offer an alternative called INJEX- the soft shot! This is a soft shot of anaesthesia on to the tissue. This completely avoids the needle and has the bonus of wearing off quicker after the treatment.

Still unsure?

We also offer IV sedation at the clinic, this is a small sedative administered into the back of hand or arm and will induce you into a state of deep relaxation.

Here are some statistics….

  • One in 7 adults who have ever been to the dentist suffer with dental anxiety.
  • Women are more likely to suffer from extreme dental anxiety than men.
  • The common fears for visiting the dentist are having a tooth drilled (30%) and having a local anaesthetic injection (28%)
  • Visiting the dentist is ranked number one for making people nervous (22%) followed by fear of heights.
  • Nearly 10 times as many people are nervous of visiting their dentists compared to their doctor.

“Let us make impossible possible and help you overcome your fear today”

Team TD

“Make sure your oral hygiene is EGG-cellent this Easter with Trinity Dental’s top tips!”

Easter is fast approaching and although we all love to indulge in chocolate eggs and themed treats we have to be extra careful when it comes to caring for our teeth.

For all parents preparing the exciting egg hunts and fun activities over the upcoming weekend we have some great tips to keep your mini molars maintaining their healthy smiles!!!


  • Buying smaller eggs with a low sugar content or eggs that do not include additional treats.
  • Dark chocolate has less sugar and will cause less damage to the teeth.
  • Encourage children to eat treats at meal times instead of snacking throughout the day. Sugar attacks the teeth for 30 minutes after the food has been eaten and limiting to meal times reduces how many times the teeth are affected in a day.
  • Drink plenty of water – this helps to rinse away any acid formation and bacteria from sugar.
  • Make sure your mini molars are brushing morning and night for 2 minutes and leaving at least 30 minutes after eating chocolate this can cause harm to the teeth to brushing immediately after.
  • Encourage spitting not rinsing when cleaning the teeth, water can wash away the fluoride in the toothpaste making this less effective.


The team at Trinity Dental wish you a CRACKING Easter and we hope to see you all very soon!

Easter Egg Picture