Black triangles make them disappear, black triangles the solution is here!


So, as you all know I have had my Six Month Smile braces off now since January and I am happily settling into my routine of sleeping in retainers and being retainer free in the daytime. After my orthodontic treatment I had what is known as a “black triangle” as you can see in the picture above (left) this is just where the two teeth have moved creating a very small space where the darkness of the mouth is showing through as a black shadow. This is minimal however in some cases this can be more extreme.

Alison suggested closing the gap using bonding, this is where the gap is closed either side using composite filling material and is a very effective treatment and not invasive what so ever.

I am really pleased with the results and would highly recommend this treatment!

Sharne x

Orthodontic Retention – Why is it so important?

After orthodontic treatment retention is vital and your teeth take a while to adjust to their new position so whether you have had a fixed appliance or a removable appliance wearing retainers is the key to keeping your newly improved smile.

Following my recent six-month smile treatment, I decided to invest in Vivera® retainers.

So why would I recommend Vivera® retainers?

Although lab made retainers are great (I had no problem with mine) Vivera®  retainers are more of a long term option. You get three sets and they are made of a stronger material which not only ensures the teeth stay in position they also have less chance of cracking or breaking which is crucial in the first few months as these are worn for 22 hours a day!!

These retainers are custom made by taking a digital scan of the teeth and sending the scan data electronically to Align who manufacture the retainers via an automatic process. Using this digital pathway means no more messy impressions, quality of scan data ensuring accuracy and speed! There is a much quicker turnaround time.

I have had only three days of wearing mine and I love them, I actually feel alien when I don’t have them in.

After a long treatment to me they were the perfect investment.

Sharne 🙂

Sharne’s Six Month Smile Journey – THE FINALE!!


I think the phrase “it will all be worth it in the end” is something that’s used a lot and although it seems a little cliché it could not be truer.

When I started my Six Month Smile Journey back in July 2017 I was unsure if I would like the look of my teeth whilst wearing the brace, if I would be comfortable wearing them, how much it would affect my time wearing them and trying to imagine the end result.

There is no guarantee and the risks were ones I was fully aware of with such overcrowding.

Alison is an inspirational clinician and having her carry out the whole process made me one hundred percent at ease and excited .We knew this would be a case that looked worse before it looked better.

I think the result surprised us all and the time it took was also a shock thinking it would be longer than the usual. So, Friday 12th January 2018 I had my braces removed and I then had retainers made to keep my teeth in place. I love my new smile and my retainers are so comfy I will be wearing them to keep my teeth in the same position.

Sadly, my Six Month Smile Journey has come to an end and this is my last blog. I hope I have helped anyone who may be contemplating adult orthodontics after all……….

……………It begins with a smile 🙂

Sharne xx

Sharne’s Six Month Smile Blog – Final Adjustments Week 24 (Start Date 27.7.2017)

Today I had my final adjustments for my six months smile journey. I am so pleased with the results; my goal was to have my lower teeth straight and in line and the fact this has been achieved with not much interproximal reduction or any extractions is simply unbelievable. There was NO room!!

So here is my tooth journey so far,

When I was at primary school I fell over and fractured my front adult tooth (devastation!)

When I reached secondary school, I was old enough to have a porcelain bonded crown at the front which at the time compared to the temporary I had was brilliant. While this was being made I had to attend school with what I can best describe as Mr Chips (Catchphrase) at the front of my mouth. I was so upset.

I eventually had my crown fitted and all was fine, however I was always very conscious of my smile and it’s the first thing I would be drawn to in any photographs being taken.

Since being at Trinity I carried out the Enlighten whitening which was brilliant and Alison then replaced my crown with a ceramic crown. This made such a difference to me and I completely lost all worries of it being noticeable in pictures.

I am now coming to the end of my six-month smiles treatment in which I will then go on to wearing retainers.

Next week I will turn 28 and I couldn’t be happier to entering my birthday with the smile id always hoped for!!

<3 Sharne 🙂

4 Calling Birds, 3 French Hens, 2 Turtle Doves and a 6MS Sharne!!


So, I almost getting to the end of my six-month smile journey and I am over the MOON!!!

On the 14th December I will have been wearing my braces for exactly 5 months and the time has flown by!

At the start of my treatment I was made aware of the risks involved and that my crowding on the lower teeth may prove to be a difficult case but instead of extracting any teeth we tried the six month smile hoping it would work miracles…… guess what it did!!!

After the 5 months of wearing the braces I can safely say that I have no regrets other than I wish I had done this sooner.  Like every treatment it had its tough times and the adjustment appointments can be sore but with a great team they are done quickly and are over before you know it. I did find that after an adjustment appointment my teeth would be tender but for only a day or so and the more my teeth have moved the less discomfort I have at each appointment.

The new Curaprox Ortho range……

……..Is amazing! The manual toothbrushes are great as they have a small line of bristles in the middle to adapt brushing around the brackets and the single tufted brushes help getting into the gaps a larger toothbrush just won’t reach.

I am now looking forward to finishing my treatment and moving on to wearing retainers ?

Until next time – Merry Christmas!!!

Sharne the Selfie Elfie xxxxxx


Sharne’s Six Month Smile Journey – Part 3 (Week 11)

Hello Everyone,

So, I can officially say I am almost half way!! Today I had my wire changed and as this is my eleventh week I can safely say I am over the moon!!

To think I had the braces fitted in July is just so hard to believe as the time has flown by. The arch is widening and my “secret tooth” almost has room to come through and join the others!!

Any further struggles since my previous visit…. No! all has settled. I have a new fantastic Curaprox Ortho brush that I have been using and our soft Curaprox brush in the clinic is my new best friend when dining out. It’s funny how your handbag priorities change. I went to a wedding at the weekend and usually I would pack into a small clutch bag a lipstick, phone, money, hairbrush and bronzer but no this weekend I packed my phone, money, Tepe brushes, travel toothpaste and brush and a compact mirror! Good job it did not rain as I definitely had no room for an umbrella.

I would still highly recommend the six-month smile treatment and I hope sharing my journey helps those who are debating adult orthodontic treatment. I did wonder if at 27 I would want to commit to having braces however all I think of is the end result and 6-9 months of my life is such a short time in comparison to a life of easy brushing, a more confident smile and better overall oral health.

Until my next stage,

A contented Sharne

Sharne’s Six Month Smile Journey – Part 2 (Weeks 3-6)

“The quality of persisting at something and undeterred by drawbacks and setbacks”   

This is now my sixth week of my Six Month’s Smile treatment and MY TEETH ARE MOVING!!!!

Since my previous blog I have experienced different stages of the procedure and I am pleased to say sore gums no more! As I may have already explained, during my first couple of weeks my gums were very tender and I needed to use wax to cover the brackets and create a barrier. I now no longer need to apply the wax and it makes my brushing routine a lot easier.

I have started to notice my lower teeth moving and it can be a strange sensation as you can feel them become slightly mobile however it is very exciting to see them shifting and this is only after six weeks.

I decided in this blog to start with a quote as I am a quote queen and I strongly believe that persevering is the key to everything!

Keep you posted again soon!


Determined Sharne!


Sharne’s Six Month Smile Journey – Part 1 (Weeks 1-2)

“ I am now into the third week of my six months smile treatment and I have to say they now feel like I have always worn them. The first two weeks you prepare for a diet of mushy soft food, sore gums and speech that to some is like a new language. However….. It gets better!! This is all short lived and I am now eating my normal foods and I do not even notice them until it comes to brushing and flossing!

I am starting to feel the teeth moving already which is a great bonus and I cannot wait to see them move more and more!

It’s like a new pair of shoes first you get aching toes, blisters and maybe a dodgy walk but before you know it they are your favourite pair and you wouldn’t be without them!!

I will update you as I go along and show you the progress!


Six Month Smiley Sharney!”