Embrace Your Natural White Bits This Summer :)

Instead of bombarding you with facts or figures, the benefits and the statistics on this product I wanted to change it slightly.

Growing up plastering on the fake tan, patchy knuckles, sitting out until I burnt being called an English rose was not a compliment, I wanted a tan!

So after finally sitting in the sun constantly for a week in Tenerife experiencing the worst prickly heat, I finally went sun kissed – this lasted one week if that!!!

I know what your thinking – I gave in – NO

A few years back I went to Barcelona with my three friends and thinking I am invincible against the sun I did not put the cream on soon enough. BIG MISTAKE!!

Night time came and I had severely burnt my right leg and have not had pain like it.

The next day I couldn’t walk on it and although I had an amazing trip by the time I arrived home I was straight to my GP having it dressed. NEVER AGAIN!!

If you are fair skinned embrace the sun protection and even if you are lucky enough to tan beautifully still protect your wonderful skin!

The ZO® range have a variety of sun protection and the sunscreen and primer is a perfect holiday essential as this provides a slight bit of colour so little to no make up is needed and you are protecting your skin at the same time.


S x