Intermediate Life Support 2019 with Ace BLS

Its that time of year again where Trinity has our annual Intermediate Life Support Training day!

As a team we all get involved in learning and updating our life support training and of course we have fun whilst doing it. It is really good to have scenarios thrown at you and see how you react as these things could happen at any time. It is not always in the workplace either, whether you are shopping and see someone gasping for breath or in a restaurant where the person next to you chokes you could potentially be the only one trained and be the difference between that person surviving or not.

The training consists of part discussion and questions as a team and then part practical, I remember last year I thought I had listened very carefully and took it all in until it came to the practical assessment. My test was that we had a patient that was unwell and they had a baby with them (all pretend) instantly my head went to jelly!!Do I take the baby first? Do I lay the baby down and deal with the casualty what do I do! The trainers we have had given such a realistic scenario and just giving the extra worry of having a young vulnerable child really shown that you must try to keep calm and not PANIC. As a team we overcome the test and both were safe! (PHEW)

This year we all contributed to the discussion sharing knowledge and discussing possible risks within the clinic and you will be pleased to know that we will not resort to what we have seen on Holby city and our patients will all be in the safest of hands.

Until next year….

Sharne xx