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Liza Smith

Well Being
London School Of Makeup International mua, 20 Years Experience In The Wedding Industry.
LEVEL 3 beauty therapy
HD Brows Lvl Specialist
ZO Consultant

My career background has always been in makeup, I have been a freelance MUA For many years.

Initially when I left school I worked in a photographic studio and then went into child care, for 9 years and worked makeup alongside (more as a hobby) and realised that I had to change my career path and take the plunge to make makeup artistry my full time job.

I have known Alison for many years now and I was lucky enough to do her wedding makeup for her big day, and was super honoured and happy when I was asked to go to Harley Street to learn how to do ZO Stimulator Skin Peels and learn all about the ZO Skin Health range and jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the Trinity team.

My partner and I have two children, well I say children my son is 18 years old and will be off to university very soon and my daughter is 9, we enjoy walking the dog and cuddling on the sofa… and a yearly holiday is the sunshine.


If you could take one item to a desert island what would it be?

Sun block!

Three guests at your ultimate dinner party?

Stevie Nicks., Chris Evans, Marilyn Monroe, Dali Lama

Top item on your bucket list?

Orangutans in Borneo!!!! Love To Stay And volunteer in the conservation for a few months

Favourite cocktail?


Tea - milk in first or milk in last?


The song you sing the loudest when you think no one is listening?

oh gosh!!! Depends what mood I am in.... Landslide fleetwood mac

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