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What are dental implants in Northamptonshire?

Dental implants are the permanent solution for a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. Dental implants can also be used to replace broken or loose teeth.
A dental implant acts as a substitute tooth root and is made up of three parts – the implant, which is embedded gently into your jawbone, the abutment which fixes onto the implant and the final piece is the crown which is the new replacement tooth and is visible when you smile.

At Trinity Dental in Rothwell, we have treated thousands of patients from Glendon, Loddington, Kettering, Rushton, Thorpe Underwood, Rothwell and throughout Northamptonshire for dental implants.

Overdenture Implants

What are overdenture implants in Northamptonshire?

Overdenture implants are another dental implant optionthat we offer at Trinity Dental in Rothwell.

Overdenture implants combines the benefits of traditional dentures and dental implants. Just like dentures, treatment contains removable teeth which are taken out of your mouth at the end of the day so that they can be cleaned.

The difference is that they are supported by dental implants which are embedded in the jawbone. This means you will not experience uncomfortable slipping or sore gums which often happens with traditional dentures. There’s also no need for denture adhesives with overdenture implants.

Just like other dental implant options, implant retained dentures need enough bone in the jaw to support the dental implant. Most people will opt for an overdenture implant if they have one or more existing teeth which will also support the denture.

Overdenture implants

There are three different types of implant-supported overdentures. All consist of a removable appliance and are supported by two or more dental implants.

  • Bar retained implant supported overdentures
    The removable dentures are secured to the dental implants using a customised bar which clips in place.
  • Ball retained implant-supported overdentures
    Each implant contains a ball-shaped attachment which fits perfectly into the socket of the denture to hold it firmly in place.
  • Fixed implant supported overdentures
    With this treatment, the bar and overdentures are fixed together using screws and can only be removed by a dentist. This is a more permanent form of overdenture implants. It looks the most natural as the dentures are screwed in and don’t rest on the gums.

At Trinity Dental in Rothwell, we have treated many patients from Rothwell, Kettering, Rushton, Loddington, Thorpe Underwood, Glendon, and throughout Northamptonshire for overdenture implants.

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  • Overdenture implants give more stability than traditional dentures which means your chewing, speech, ability to eat are all improved. There is also no risk of slipping and no need to use denture adhesives
  • Overdentures are fixed to the dental implants,so they look and feel like natural teeth
  • Treatment for overdenture implants is minimally invasive
  • Overdenture implants give you the confidence to smile again and help to enhance the structure of your facial features like your cheek and jawbone which can be affected with missing teeth

Full Arch Dental Implants

Full arch or all-on-4 dental implants are a good option for patients who are missing many teeth, have lots of decayed teeth or for those patients who have no teeth at all.

What are full arch dental implants?

Full arch dental implants replace a complete set of teeth to either the upper or lower jaw. Sometimes known as all-on-4 dental implants, this treatment uses just 4 dental implants to the upper or lower jaw to support a set of permanent, natural looking new teeth.

In some cases, full arch dental implants or all-on-4 can be carried out in one day so that you leave the dental surgery in Northwell with a new smile. For this reason, full arch dental implants are sometimes also referred to as Smile in a Day or Same Day Teeth.

Full arch dental implants are worth considering if you:

  • Have many missing teeth
  • Have many decayed teeth or teeth in poor condition
  • Have no teeth at all

Patients tell us their all-on-4 dental implants are life changing because they permanently replace missing teeth. They give you the chance to smile, laugh, eat and talk again with confidence.

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  • Full arch dental implants are the only permanent option to replace missing teeth or teeth that are in very bad condition with a natural-looking new set
  • Restore your confidence and smile again with all-on-4 dental implants
  • Full arch dental implants are a more cost-effective way to replace missing teeth rather than using several individual dental implants
  • Full arch dental implants eliminate any problems that you may have with chewing, eating or talking. It will also enhance the shape of your face which may appear to sag when you have many missing teeth

Single Dental Implants

A single dental implant is a restorative dental procedure designed to replace a single missing tooth. It consists of three main components:

Implant Fixture: This is a small, screw-like titanium post that is surgically placed into the jawbone. It serves as an artificial tooth root and provides a stable foundation for the replacement tooth.
Abutment: The abutment is a connector piece that is attached to the top of the implant fixture. It protrudes above the gum line and serves as a support structure for the crown.

Crown: The crown is the visible part of the tooth replacement. It is custom-made to match the shape, size, and colour of your natural teeth. The crown is attached to the abutment and functions like a regular tooth for chewing and aesthetics.

Single dental implants are an effective and long-lasting solution for individuals who have lost a single tooth due to various reasons, such as injury, decay, or gum disease. They offer several advantages, including improved functionality, a natural appearance, and the preservation of adjacent teeth. Additionally, dental implants help prevent bone loss in the jaw, which can occur when a tooth is missing, by stimulating the surrounding bone tissue.

Key Facts –

Durability: Single dental implants are designed to be a long-lasting tooth replacement solution. With proper care and maintenance, they can often last a lifetime.

Aesthetics: Implant-supported crowns are custom-made to match the colour, shape, and size of your natural teeth, providing a highly realistic and natural appearance.

Preservation of Adjacent Teeth: Unlike traditional dental bridges, which require the grinding down of adjacent teeth for support, dental implants do not rely on neighbouring teeth for stability. This helps to preserve the health and integrity of nearby teeth.

Stimulation of Jawbone: Implants stimulate the jawbone, preventing bone loss that can occur when a tooth is missing. This helps maintain the structure and strength of the jaw.

Comfort and Functionality: Implants function like natural teeth, allowing for comfortable chewing and speaking. They do not slip or move like some removable dental prosthetics.

High Success Rate: Dental implant surgery has a high success rate when performed by a skilled and experienced oral surgeon or periodontist. Success rates can exceed 95% in many cases.

Improved Oral Health: Single dental implants are easy to clean and maintain, promoting good oral hygiene. They do not require special cleaning procedures beyond regular brushing and flossing.

Multi-Step Process: Getting a single dental implant typically involves multiple stages, including the initial consultation, implant placement surgery, a healing period (osseointegration), placement of the abutment, and attachment of the crown. The process can take several months to complete.

Cost Considerations: The cost of a single dental implant can vary depending on factors like location, the need for additional procedures (e.g., bone grafting), and the materials used for the crown and implant. It’s essential to discuss costs with your dentist or oral surgeon.

Maintenance: Regular dental check-ups are essential to monitor the health of the implant, gums, and surrounding teeth. Good oral hygiene practices are crucial to ensure the long-term success of the implant.

Candidates: Not everyone is a suitable candidate for dental implants. Factors such as overall health, jawbone density, and oral hygiene habits are considered when determining eligibility for implant placement.

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PRP Therapy for Dental Implants/ Extractions.

PRP is used to accelerate and enhance bone growth. Platelet Rich Plasma and dental implants are used to improve the success rate of treatment.
It can be used in patients to improve their chance for successful osseointegration of dental implants. PRP is produced from a patient’s own blood in a process called Platelet Enrichment Activation.

Patients can benefit from a combined use of implants and PRGF which may help with an earlier recovery time and healing process. PRGF may reduce swelling and pain and will provide antibacterial protection from infection.


Speed up healing time and is quicker than standard bone graft treatment for dental implants Naturally antibacterial- reduces risk of infection Requires no complex or invasive procedures and is a natural painkiller.
Our Dental Team is fully trained in using PRGF technology, which will give you the best results from our treatments.

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What are the benefits of dental implants?

  • Dental implants are a permanent solution to replace missing teeth giving you a natural looking smile
  • You will protect the health of your adjacent teeth with dental implants
  • With dental implants your confidence to smile, chew and speak naturally are restored
  • Dental implants will eliminate any pain that you might be experiencing with missing teeth
  • There’s no need for dentures and you don’t have to avoid certain foods with dental implants
  • Dental implants will change the shape of your face and stop it from appearing to sag which can happen with missing teeth
  • Dental implants will change the shape of your face and stop it from appearing to sag which can happen with missing teeth