Dental Emergency

Don’t suffer with toothache or dental pain. If you have a dental emergency call us as soon as you can to see the emergency dentist.

When you need us

Are you looking for an emergency dentist in Northamptonshire?

Dental emergencies can happen at any time and not just during normal opening hours.

If you need to see an emergency dentist, please call 01536 710075 straight away.

If you call out of normal opening hours please follow the instructions on our answering machine.

Charges apply to dental emergency treatment. Out of hours, the callout fee for the emergency assessment is £185 to a registered patient of the clinic and £250 to a non-registered patient.

What is a ‘dental emergency’?

At Trinity Dental in Rothwell, we class a dental emergency as anything that causes you pain or if you have suffered trauma or bleeding to your mouth, teeth or gums.

A dental emergency can be frightening for you and your family and that’s why we look to get dental emergencies seen by the emergency dentist as quickly as possible.

Common dental emergencies that we see at Trinity Dental in Rothwell include:

  • Dental abscesses and other unexplained swellings
  • Sudden, severe toothache
  • Teeth that are knocked out due to an accident or injury, such as a fall or a sports injury
  • Teeth that are cracked or broken
  • Teeth that are knocked out of position (but remain in the mouth)
  • Uncontrollable bleeding after a tooth extraction or other oral surgery
    Injury to the gums
  • Broken, damaged or displaced milk teeth in children
  • Damage to restorations, such as broken crowns, veneers or bridges

In a dental emergency, call or get a friend or family member to call us on 01536 710075 as soon as possible so that we can book you into see the emergency dentist.

If you’re not registered as a patient at Trinity Dental, we can still treat you for a dental emergency and may request a deposit for payment upfront.

Advice for common dental emergencies

A knocked-out tooth

A knocked-out tooth occurs because of an accident or trauma. It can be terrifying. You may well be suffering with shock, but with a knocked-out tooth, it’s essential that we act quickly if we hope to save the tooth. So, phone us, or ask a family member or friend to call us to see the emergency dentist.

If you have saved the knocked-out tooth, it’s important that you pick it up only by the crown and not by the roots. Do not clean or over handle the tooth, instead, prevent the tooth from drying out by keeping it safe in a cup of cold milk or inside your mouth.


Relentless toothache can be painful and exhausting. Call Trinity Dental as soon as you can to see the emergency dentist. Whilst you are waiting, take paracetamol and rinse your mouth in salty water to alleviate the pain. Avoid consuming very hot or very cold food and drinks.

Broken Crown

A broken or cracked crown may occur due to an accident or through biting on something hard. If you’re crown is loose, and it’s causing you pain or feels very sensitive then you will need to phone Trinity Dental for an emergency dental appointment.

Take paracetamol for the pain whilst you wait to see the emergency dentist. At your emergency dental appointment, your dentist will assess the damage to your tooth. They may replace the crown at that appointment, or depending on the level of damage, the emergency dentist may repair the crown using bonding materials. If a new crown is needed, you may need another appointment to create your bespoke crown.

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“For more information, please visit our Dental Emergencies FAQ.”