Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening will instantly transform teeth for a whiter and brighter smile.

Have better teeth

How does Teeth Whitening look and for who?

The effects of teeth whitening can last up to 2-3 years or as little as 6 months. It varies from person to person. Things that will stain your teeth quickly and make your whitening short-lived include: – Smoking.

For example, the strong bleaching agent used in professional treatments could cause pain and discomfort if you have sensitive teeth. Also, you may have to manage your gum disease before undergoing professional teeth whitening.


Teeth straightened in Northamptonshire

A beautiful smile with with teeth, often also means teeth straightening – it looks wonderful. Having straight teeth can boost your confidence and enhance your relationships with other people.

Straight teeth not only look good, but they are better for your oral health too. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean and free from plaque than crooked and overcrowded teeth.

Your options for Teeth Whitening

logo zoom teeth whitening

Zoom! teeth whitening takes place at the dental practice in Rothwell and uses the latest technology. Zoom! teeth whitening is ideal if you want to whiten teeth quickly or have a special event like a wedding or holiday that you’d like your teeth to look good for.

Zoom! teeth whitening takes approximately 90 minutes and will whiten teeth by up to 6 shades in one visit giving you a show stopping smile.

When you are ready, a soft silicone mouth guard is placed in your mouth to protect your lips. A whitening solution is then applied to your teeth which is then activated by a special light that is placed over your teeth. The whitening solution penetrates deep into your tooth enamel breaking down pigments which cause the tooth discolouration.

Zoom! teeth whitening lasts between 12 and 24 months. The whitening gel also contains mild desensitising agents which reduces sensitivity.

Boutique teeth whitening logo

Boutique teeth whitening is carried out over a few weeks in the comfort of your own home. You can choose whether to whiten by day wearing your whitening trays for 1.5 hours, or you can whiten teeth overnight whilst you sleep.

After your initial consultation, we will take a digital scan of your mouth and teeth which is then used to make your bespoke teeth whitening trays. These are made of thin plastic and sit over the top of your teeth like a mouth guard.

Once the whitening trays are ready, you will be shown how to fill them with the Boutique teeth whitening gel and wear your trays for the prescribed time.

Boutique teeth whitening treatment works by increasing the tooth’s permeability to oxygen which breaks down stain molecules. Teeth can be lightened by up to 16 shades.

The process is safe, quick and effective. The treatment takes between 2 to 3 weeks to complete, but many patients notice improvements to teeth in just a few days.


Colgate luminous whitening is a quick and easy way of whitening your teeth in only 10 minutes.

  • No impressions or custom trays, No messy gel – quick-drying hydrogen peroxide serum, and an Immediate start.
  • This whitening is fast and effective as you get Dramatically whiter teeth in just 10 days.
  • It is a LED light for an accelerated process. Low sensitivity and gum irritation.
  • This way of whitening is a high precision pen for safe application 99% of people experienced no or little tooth sensitivity! 98% of people experienced no or little gum irritation.

The process.

  • After brushing your teeth, consider your mouth as 4 quarters, dry the first quadrant of teeth with a paper towel or tissue, Drying teeth ensures the serum adheres to the tooth surface for optimal results.
  • Apply a thin layer of serum on each tooth in the quarter, re-click the pen after coating each tooth, Wait 10-15 seconds for a clear coating to form.
  • You then wear the device for 10 minutes, rinse the mouthpiece with warm water and then you can go to sleep. Wake up and brush off whitening serum in the morning, Repeat steps daily as instructed by your dentist.

Teeth Whitening Questions

Each patient is different, but as an average, the results of teeth whitening can last between 6 and 12 months. Zoom! teeth whitening can last up to 2 years.You can help to prolong the results of your teeth whitening, by reducing the amount of dark coloured food and drinks that you consume such as red wine, coffee and spicy foods. You should maintain a good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day. Floss and rinse regularly and give up smoking.
We recommend that teeth whitening is suitable for adults and not children. We would advise pregnant and lactating women to wait to have their teeth whitened. Patients who have dental restorations such as crowns, dental implants or veneers should be aware that teeth whitening will only work on natural teeth and not on restorations.
Yes. Teeth whitening is safe when it is carried out and is overseen by a dental professional. Problems with teeth whitening occur when patients try to whiten teeth themselves using kits found online or in shops.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening in Northamptonshire?

  • Teeth whitening overseen by our professional dentists is a safe and effective way to whiten teeth
  • You can choose the teeth whitening technique which best fits your lifestyle
  • Teeth whitening is a quick and easy treatment to update the appearance of your smile
  • Teeth whitening is a simple and painless procedure