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The Leading Physician-Dispensed Skincare Brand Founded by Dr. Zein Obagi

Better Skin. All round.

About ZO® at Trinity Dental

The core of ZO® Skin Health is the dynamic relationship between science and skin health. With potent ingredients, patented formulations, and distinctive delivery systems, we challenge the limits of conventional skincare.

No matter their age, ethnicity, skin condition, or skin type, everyone can achieve and maintain healthy skin, according to ZO® Skin Health. Our extensive products that we sell here at trinity provides preventative and protective care for all skin types in addition to targeted remedies for hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, and ageing issues.

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Our Best Sellers at Trinity Dental

Zo Skin Health

ZO Skin Health has approved Trinity Dental as a skin clinic. To make sure you get the best products for your skin type, we offer complimentary skin consultations and in-depth evaluations by specialists in dermatology. We carry all of ZO Skin Health’s products, and we guarantee that they are genuine.

Additionally, we provide a selection of ZO facials and skin peels.

ZO Skin Wellbeing items work from the back to front, actuating and invigorating your skin’s cells to sustain, fix and keep up with themselves utilizing the most intense fixings, high focuses, unadulterated retinol, high level peptides, and strong enemies of oxidants.

Under the supervision of a trained specialist or medical practitioner, the ZO Skin Health line is intended for use at home. Even on challenging skin conditions, such as:

  • Acne
  • Ageing, lines and wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation/pigmentation
  • Inflammation
  • Rosacea
  • Sun damage

In order to achieve the best outcomes, the ZO Skin Health line of cosmeceuticals uses clinically tested active ingredients in high concentrations. A prescription from a doctor is necessary for some of the goods. Because of this, ZO Skin Health is only offered by a small group of highly skilled cosmetic clinics, where a customised regimen can be developed to address each patient’s specific skin concerns and needs. Face care regimens are observed and modified based on how the face reacts.

Zo Medical

With more intensive treatments than are possible at home, ZO Medical is a line of products and therapies intended for expert use that are intended to address skin conditions and complaints. These can be used as stand-alone remedies or in conjunction with ZO Skin Health regimens very successfully.

Why Zo Skin Health?

ZO Skin Health products use clinically proven active ingredients in high concentrations to give the best possible results. Ongoing development of the range means it offers:

  • Latest advances in skin therapy technologies
  • Unique delivery systems
  • Bioengineered complexes
  • Exclusive formulations

What are the Fundamental Five by ZO Skin Health?

The foundational items Dr. Zein Obagi advises are crucial elements of your skincare system are the ZO Skin Health Fundamental Five. The tasks in view when creating the Fundamental Five regime’s five core product types are:

1. Cleanse

This cleanser is intended for the 15% of individuals who suffer from a skin condition that is clinically dry, such as eczema or psoriasis. It will lessen dryness and irritation while relaxing and soothing skin that is sensitive.
For a complexion that is normal to oily. Salicylic acid, which is present, gently exfoliates and clears the face while reducing inflammation. It includes jojoba beads, which are eco-friendly and aid in brightening the skin by removing skin-clogging cells.

2. Exfoliate

Your skincare routine must include exfoliation of the epidermis. Unfortunately, many people have a tendency to skip this stage. Exfoliating improves the structure of your skin by removing dead skin cells that are sitting on top of it. Additionally, it enhances circulation and promotes epidermal regeneration. Your skin tone brightens as a consequence of this. Regular exfoliation removes these top cells, allowing other products to penetrate your skin more effectively. Although the specifics of this process depend on your skin type, we advise most of our clients to exfoliate at least twice a week.

3. Tone

For all skin kinds, toning is essential. Sebum (oil) production is reduced, your skin’s pH is restored, and product permeation is improved. To cater to everyone, ZO’s range includes 3 distinct toning products.

4. Barrier repair

You’ll note that your ZO Fundamental 5 doesn’t come with a moisturiser as you use it. This is due to Dr. Zein Obagi’s theory that moisturisers disrupt the natural hydration and oil equilibrium of your skin, leading to dryness, dullness, and sensitivity. It functions as a barrier that covers dry skin, clogging pores and harming the structure of your skin. So instead of doing this, we advise using a barrier repair solution like ZO Daily Power Defence.

5. And SPF

Many people wonder why we advise using an SPF daily when residing in the UK but not when travelling to sunny countries.

While in reality, items like cell phones, computers, LED lighting, and other everyday pollutants age the skin and cause skin damage every single day. In reality, UVA rays can damage your skin through windows, including while you’re driving or working at a desk next to a window. It is crucial to apply a facial SPF as part of your morning routine, and ZO has a wonderful selection..